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Definitions of zoom:
    (especially of a car or aircraft) move or travel very quickly.
    "we watched the fly zooming about"
    synonyms: whiz, zip, whip, buzz, hurtle, speed, rush, streak, shoot, race, bolt, dash, run, flash, blast, charge, fly, careen, career, go like the wind, belt, scoot, tear, go like a bat out of hell, bomb, hightail, clip

    (of a camera) change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa.
    "the camera zoomed in for a close-up of his face"

    used to express sudden fast movement.
    "then suddenly, zoom!, he's off"

Definitions of layer:
    a sheet, quantity, or thickness of material, typically one of several, covering a surface or body.
    "bears depend on a layer of blubber to keep them warm in the water"
    synonyms: coating, sheet, coat, film, covering, blanket, skin, thickness, stratum, band

    a person or thing that lays something.
    "the worms are prolific egg-layers"

    arrange in a layer or layers.
    "the current trend for layered clothes"

    The "zoom" is indicative of a very fast speed, derived from the super villain of the American DC Comics: The Flash, Zoom is ever the fastest person in the world. "zoom" also means zoom in/out.

    The meaning of "zoom" + "layer" means to add a transmission acceleration layer to the existing network, allowing users to access foreign network to achieve a speed increase of 10x to 100x.

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